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DSA in the Contra Costa Times today

Congratulations to the DSA students and teachers for their excellent work and the well deserved recognition!

Click here to view the article!

Digital Safari Academy

DSA Lead Teachers

Gallo, Kat (925) 682-4030 ex.3417 Teacher
Kirkland, Josie (925) 682-4030 ex.87459 Teacher

DSA Teachers

Berevoescu, Gabriela (925) 682-4030 ex.87464 Teacher
Ennis, Elizabeth (925) 682-4030 ex.3430 Teacher
Gallo, Kat (925) 682-4030 ex.3417 Teacher
Hevel, David (925) 682-4030 ex.87478 Teacher
Kirkland, Josie (925) 682-4030 ex.87459 Teacher
Mintzer, Tyler (925) 682-4030 ex.87451 Teacher
Place, Marcy (925) 682-4030 ex.87442 Teacher
Savarios, Anjelika (925) 682-4030 ex.87454 Teacher
Wille, Thomas (925) 682-4030 ex.87461 Teacher

DSA Administrator

Bloomer, Katherine (925) 682-4030 ex.3404 Vice Principal

About Us

Founded in 1996, The Digital Safari Academy is a three year college and career preparation program beginning in the sophomore year of high school. While our career focus is on Multimedia Arts and Computer Science, our overall focus is on creating strong, well rounded students ready for college and life after high school. Over the three years in the academy, students experience confidence and success in a diverse environment where they learn important transferrable skills involving project planning, problem solving, communication and collaboration in a technologically rich environment. Our graduates, who are self-sufficient and creative problem solvers, are well on their way to being ready for the challenges ahead of them. Our academic and career-pathway courses are challenging and designed to prepare every student in the DSA for a college education. The three academy Multimedia courses represent a sequence that builds towards skill mastery in graphic design, digital photography, video and audio production, web design, animation, and 3D design. Our new Computer Science pathway will blend a strong general foundation in managing technology infrastructure and providing technical support with knowledge of programming in a variety of languages and programming tools including HTML, Java, Flash and other professional development tools. Academics in the Digital Safari are deeply integrated into our career pathway courses. Our philosophy is to make the multimedia and computer science a place for academic work providing real world relevance and giving students more time working with academic content and concepts. We believe this approach is fundamental in preparing students for the challenges posed by college and career pursuits. Excellence is our consistent expectation. Redefining school, redefining cool since 1996 .